On-line Services

About BetterMember

Our aim is to provide affordable website hosting and design to those that need to make a statement on the web.

There are a lot of talented entrepreneurs, local clubs and organizations as well as small businesses who all just do not have the advertising budget that others may have. These are the people that we aim to help to give them an on-line presence of their own. While providing them with a custom web-design that will be built to fit how they feel it would best fit their needs.

Why BetterMember?

All of the on-line services that we provide, we try to assure that the customer is satisfied with their investment.

It is very important to us that we provide quality work for our clients from the custom websites and the support that goes along with that to the software that is already available and the backups to the work and database in the event something should need to be rolled back.