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Economies of Scale BetterMember Server

Economies of Scale - Economies of Scale is a business strategy game script written by Scott Yang in 2012. After the game had lost significant momentum by 2015, Scott had placed the full coding on github with an empty database. Picked up by BetterMember in late 2017. Tracing the coding and fixing noticeable errors and filling in the blanks in the database, creating the cronjob engines and launching it on our server in early 2018. The game still hosted by ratjoy in the original format and still very interesting. The version put on our BetterMember server is still in Beta stages but sign-ups are encouraged and welcome. Players will notice the differences in the servers. This is a free game and will remain that way, all players are equal. So come have some fun and help us with ideas on the BetterMember server version of the game.

Server Hosting

Below are some of the server hosting services that BetterMember are involved in at the present time.
Farming Simulator 19