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Tuesday May 28th 2024
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More changes to Google Business Profiles could change the way your clients chat with you.

Upcoming changes to Google's business profiles could change the way your clients contact you. Chat and call history features in Google Business Profiles will be discontinued on July 31, 2024. Though this may be challenging news as Google continues to make changes to their Business Profile area. You still have plenty of time to get copies of these contacts from your clients to keep records for yourself.

Starting July 15, 2024, Google will no longer create new chat conversations for your Business Profile, and customers in existing chats will be notified about the upcoming changes. By July 31, 2024, chat functionality will be completely removed, and call history will no longer be visible in Google Business Profile. Despite these changes, customers can still find and contact your business through Google Search and Maps, and access information via your website links, business description, photos, and other details on your Business Profile. To prepare for this transition, you can download records of past chats or call history using Google Takeout. Additionally, you will still be able to receive calls from your Business Profile and monitor other engagement metrics like web traffic and directions requests. If you have ongoing chat conversations, consider inviting your customers to connect through alternative chat platforms.